Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome Passionate Author Ursula Whistler

My Passion Isn't For Cooking

by Ursula Whistler

A short while ago, All Romance eBooks put a call out for recipes—passionate ones. Instantly, I thought of the chargrilled oysters that I cook up for friends and family at our fish camp in Mississippi. But, I doubted myself. Were they good enough? Was it too corny to put oysters in a cookbook by romance authors? Would anyone ever attempt it?

Then the last one...Would this mean that I would have to become passionate about cooking turning my blog and website into a mix of food and sexy excerpts?

Um, no. It's not going to happen. My passion isn't really into cooking. It's writing. It's creating stories and characters. I'm still doing that. Yet, I am going to try as many recipes in the Passionate Cooks recipe book (It's free. Get it!) and write about it.

I'm also planning on having a hero in a later story chargrill some oysters for the heroine. She'll scoff at this overt use of an aphrodisiac and give him a hard time. A little later, she'll succumb to his advances, unable to resist his kisses and caresses. After, he'll joke that he should cook those oysters every night.

Thank you Ursula for stopping by my blog.  I wish you much writing success and keep writing those sexy stories.

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