Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Wonderful, Shocking Surprise

I have been writing for a very long time, not always consecutively when life got in my way, and it is often a long, lonely journey. Then there are days we feel worthy and feel our writing is perhaps starting to be recognized when we receive wonderful news in our email such as the one I received yesterday morning (around 8:30 am Alaska time). emailed me to tell me this:

IndieReader is now providing USA Today’s “Happily Ever After” blog with indie ebook recommendations. And we suggested yours!
The post goes live at 6 pm today.
Have a good weekend!

Well, of course I was ecstatic. What wonderful news to receive first thing in the morning. Merry Christmas to me!! I was so ecstatic that I tried the link she provided and of course, it didn't work. So I emailed Amy back right away, thanking her profusely for recommending my book, but unfortunately the link didn't work.

You would think that if a writer can write, that she could also read, right? Wrong!!! I definitely couldn't read anything right that morning. While I was patiently waiting to hear back from her, I read the email again and then I saw it. The link would not be live until 6 pm that day which meant 2pm Alaska time. I was so embarrassed for having missed that minute detail, so I immediately emailed Amy back, apologizing for not seeing the 6pm and again, thanking her profusely.

So now I had about 5 hours to wait until the link went live. What to do until then? Well, of course, I was at work and had work to do, but I couldn't resist telling a few special friends on facebook and contacted my friend Stephen Hise to ask him if we could post something on his blog, Indies Unlimited and he said of course. And he is such a great guy and wonderful friend that he waited right along with me until I gave him the go ahead to go live with his post here.
And if you want a great book to read, you can't go wrong reading Stephen Hise's Upgrade

And then my friend Robert Bennett posted this on facebook: My friend, Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton, just had her book reviewed in USA Today. Check it out:

And he posted that before I could post anything anywhere, which was awesome he saw it on USAToday. Then I started posting the link everywhere and on every group I belong to on Facebook. Here is the link on USA Today Happily Ever After blog as a recommended read. I'm just a little bit disappointed that my cover what not displayed with the recommendation, but I am not complaining. This was a such an honor to have my book recommended as an ebook read and the review itself was superb and wonderfully written as well. Thank you IndieReader Peggy La Vake and USA Today for posting.