Flash Fiction 2013

Indies Unlimited holds a weekly 250 word flash fiction challenge to a photo taken by KS Brooks and a writing prompt by Stephen Hise. Anyone is allowed to enter and the word limit is strictly enforced. Writing flash fiction is a great way to keep your writing skills active and a great way to help keep your writing fresh and new.  

Below starts the first one I have entered for 2013:


Photo by K.S. Brooks

Zombies or no, Mike was going to make sure the undead trees did not get another human or animal. His mastiff-bulldog mix meant everything to him, now he was gone—by the limbs and roots of undead trees of all things—it wasn’t supposed to be real.

He grabbed his chainsaw and before he left the path into the forest next to his house, he contemplated cutting the sign down warning of the danger. It would be laughable if it was another time or place, but all the trees were far from dead; it wasn’t possible. Hurricane or no, something brought those trees to life. He’d make them pay.

Mike walked several hundred yards into the forest and found himself in the middle of a circle of trees. He fired up his chain saw, wearily keeping an eye out for any strange movement. Cautiously, he stomped up to the first tree and slashed it. Then he strode over to the next tree, making a slash into its tough trunk. He noticed slight movement around him, but he was on a roll. At the next tree he made several deep gashes in the trunk and at the next, he cut all the limbs off within his reach.

Suddenly, the trees all moved together, closer and closer until the circle around him got smaller. The last thing the trees heard as they whipped out their roots and swallowed the man whole was his dying scream as they buried him beneath them.

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