Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Dream ...

Well, it is soon to be that time again where I am on the road -- traveling/moving to another place. I have always loved to travel. I have driven across the USA twice in my life. But now that I am getting older, I am not sure how this traveling will work out. I have been so sedentary for the past eight years working at a job as a technical editor/writer and wore many other hats, its time to do something else before my health deteriorates.

I am hoping to leave on May 15, 2012. My road trip will start out in my red VW bug driving from my trailer on Sawmill Creek Road towards and through the town of Sitka, then out to the other end of the road (Halibut Point Road) to get on the ferry.

I will be on the M/V Colomubia for three days with no internet or cell phone service, unless they have installed the poles in the ocean recently.

I will also have my daughter's cat, Trip, who is not an outside cat and one who is not too wild about riding in a car. I may also have my daughter with me, unless she decides to fly back.

This will be a time to get a lot of reading/writing/editing in. After arriving in Bellingham, Washington, I will be driving to northern Idaho to see my son and my granddaughter, Sparrow Nova (named after my Choctaw Great-grandmother) Rain. She is one year old, doesn't talk yet, but has learned how to say yes bending her body forward and shaking it or saying no by moving her hand back and forth as you can see in the video (sorry, the video wouldn't post). I can't wait to see her. I will spend a few days with them, then drive to Lewiston, Idaho to see my brother and then to Orofino, Idaho where my sister and niece lives. My niece will be graduating high school on June 2 and it will be great to attend that ceremony.

Then on the road again, heading east through Montana to get to Willison, ND where my husband is working as a mechanic in the oil fields. I have not seen him since February 21, when he left on the ferry and drove to Williston looking for a job. He arrived there on a Sunday, found a job on Monday and started working on Tuesday and has only taken about four days off from work. He has been working 10, 12, 17 hour days seven days a week. But he is making pretty could money and I am hoping it will be enough where I won't have to go back to work and can sit home and write more books. That is my dream.