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Jacqueline Hopkins bio:

Jacqueline first wrote small stories in grade school that only made sense to her, and wrote a play in high school based on a popular song children clapped their hands to while playing at recess on the playground, and she wrote a few songs that only she sang  Jacqueline recently moved from Sitka, Alaska...a tiny fishing town with a drinking problem...and moved to north central Idaho to an even smaller town, though her husband works in North Dakota. Jacque was born in Oklahoma and has lived in New Mexico, Colorado, California, Washington, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii and Iceland.  She has lived in some of these places because she was stationed there while serving in the US Navy for seven years from 1981-1988.  She loves to travel, meet new people and hopes that her writing reflects her love of details and the places she has been. As an avid reader of romance, historical romance, murder mysteries, fictional mainstream and thrillers, it has driven her love of writing in those genres; she also loves photography and uses the pictures she takes to help her describe the places in her books.

Jacque is currently at work on her next books: a time travel historical cowboy romantic suspense set in present and past day Tulsa, Oklahoma; a romantic murder mystery suspense set in Southeast Alaska; a romantic suspense set in Hawaii; a fictional mainstream also set in Alaska; and an anthology of stories written by her father and great-uncle, both who are no longer with us. 

As always, Jacque hopes you have enjoyed reading her books.

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