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Susan Mahoney said on October 1, 2012:
Electrifying, Romantic and Suspenseful -
This story was a soft romance with waves of dark secrets, lies, betrayal and forgiveness between an assertive female and what she thought was an arrogant hunter, Nic Randall. Lyn knew what she desires for her life and that was to stay independent and not become a puppet to another. Not to lose her identity and dreams of being an operator and guide for her family outfitting service.

Lyn Taylor is fierce and loyal to herself, father who was grieving for his lost wife and decides that she is responsible to keep the family business alive while her dad went through his period of grief. She is engaged to a man 12 years older than her age. He is becoming restless and showing his true colors and desires she quit her career and become his wife. She is torn in two does she settle down with a demanding man or break free and be her own person.

In the mist of the fork in the road, she has to prove herself to the male species she was an experienced hunter and guide and some of the paying male customers are not pleased to have a woman guiding them into the rugged setting.

She may have met her match, with Nic Randall at first appearance who comes off as a rude woman hater with is complaints about women where not able to be good company int he wilderness. His arguments, they could not be quiet and chase the prey away, wore too much make-up and even bought an electric hair dryer with them in the wilderness where there was no electricity, which did not make sense to him. He was turned off with inviting women on hunts with him.

She was different and has to prove herself to this hard headed man that she was the opposite of what he perceived women to be in the wilderness. The story plots along smoothly and then the author increased the tension like a flame and heightening the fire between the two with suspenseful events, dark secrets, mysteries and electricity between the two main characters.

The author wrote the story with the style of a believable tone of expression to let the reader feel the tension and conflict between the two and it was sizzling hot and cold. There were hints of attraction between the two. Yet conflicts too, that Lyn was foolish to think any man would let her be herself. To work as a guide and go out in the Idaho wilderness with males, without being jealous and controlling of her actions.  Plus he convinced himself there was the arguments of too many opportunities of something bad occurring to her if she did not have her father's best friend, Carl, along as the second guide.

His I told you so predictions came true, especially when there was booze available and time on their hands. As if his predictions came true, one after another event proves what he thought was true about women being a hindrance in the wild, and she was placed in sticky situations and was a stubborn and puts herself into danger and he has to rescue her. He should be mad at her but she grows on him with a witty and sarcastic attitude and her moments of vulnerability peek through, but she was a professional all the way through the trip.

Nic with a soft interior inside and rough exterior outside became protective of Lyn as she proved herself to him to be an expert as a guide and kept herself under control in tricky situations. He ponders did he came to Idaho under a ruse of a hunting trip for his father's sake to scout out the beautiful wilderness for it enriching timber for their family business and may of found his life mate. Lyn who became aware of his fake ruse he booked for a hunting trip when he was undercover working for his dad and when she confronted him with the truth, the fireworks really go off between the two.

The book was a delightful forge into soft romantic conflict that became a sizzling fire, it was refreshing read, a reader's dream of fantasy come true, I wish. My heart rate increased with the close encounters and the passion between the two. It was like when after a heavy rainfall and the sun peeks out and the lilies and lilacs give off that perfume fragrance and a fun escape into the Wilderness Hearts of two opposite's fiery characters that come to a rocky but united bong during the journey of discovering themselves and the Idaho wilderness.

I highly recommend this light read for all the romantics in us, gentlemen are welcome to preview too and enjoy the male companionship of the men on the hunt with a sizzling romance in between and your woman would enjoy sharing this plot with you of how two stubborn individuals in the worst of circumstances could forgive each other and look towards to the future and you will have a common interest to maybe ignite the spark in your own relationship. (5-stars)


wistfulskimmie - Wistfulskimmies Book Reviews ... said September 28, 2012:
A lovely light romance - 
This is the story of Lyn. She is chief guide for Taylor's Outfitters and Guides, a company that guides people on animal hunts. She is strong minded, feisty and independent. She is in an unhappy relationship with Brad, a local lumber yard owner. She has an intense dislike of loggers and lumber companies because of what they do to the land around the trees and another deep seated reason. Then she is asked to guide a group of men on an Elk hunt. The leader of the group, Nic Randall, has very negative feelings against women on hunts and their first meeting does not go well. After a near miss accident whilst on the hunt, their feelings towards each other soften. Can she put aside her feistiness and gather the courage to leave Brad and build a relationship with Nic or are her experiences with Brad destined to cloud her future forever?

I really enjoyed this. It was a nice light romance, but not too "fluffy". I loved Lyn's feistiness and the sparring between her and Nic. They played off each other really well and I was rooting for them to get together. The 'deep dark secret; Lyn was keeping from him as to why she hated lumber mills and logging was played out very well. All in all, it was a lovely romance that had strong characters and a brilliant 'happy ever after' that left me with tears in my eyes.  I totally recommend this as a nice light read that is also a lot of fun. (4-stars)


Janet Brown said September 14, 2012:
interesting storyline...but -
Interesting storyline which I would have given 5 stars for something a little different. But I felt it needed some proofreading so gave it 3 stars instead as mistakes or things that don't seem right to me make my reading experience a little jerky as I go back and re-read what I thought needed changing and that doesn't make my reading experience go smoothly. (3-stars)


Amy Edelman said August 8, 2012:
IndieReaderReview -
Set in the dense forests of Idaho, Wilderness Heart is a modern-day romance novel exploring the issues of strong women, strong men and the conflicts that arise in a relationship that wavers between love and hate.

Jacqueline Hopkins' heroine, Lyn Taylor, is a forest hunting guide who is determined to succeed in a man's world. Working as a partner in her father's wilderness guide business, Lyn has always shown herself to be strong, capable and an expert at leading groups on hunting expeditions. Always comprised of men, her clients never fail to test her to her limits with the belief that no woman can possibly lead a man on a game hunt successfully. Her beauty, small stature and intelligence leave every man agape with doubt and also a bit of awe.

In this novel written especially for women, Jacqueline Hopkins explores the conflict that many independent capable women face. Can a strong woman be committed to a relationship without losing herself?

Lyn's journey brings her to the conclusion that anything is possible if you believe in yourself no matter how adverse the situation. (3-Stars)

Reviewed for IndieReader by Peggy La Vake


Lisa said July 17, 2012:
An Adventurous Love Story I didn't want to put down
I enjoyed Lyn's and Nic's story very much from beginning to end. I immediately fell in love with Nic, even though he was harsh to Lyn without due cause at their first meeting. I immediately liked Lyn as well and completely understood why she had the type of attitude with the men on this hunting trip that she had.
I think that the author did a very good job in creating a like/dislike feeling for both characters. One moment, I liked Nic more than Lyn, but then as the story continued, I'd find myself thinking, "Oh, Nick that was a stupid move." The author kept my interest to see who was going to win the struggle for power, both romantically and professionally that was occurring between Lyn and Nic. All the time, rooting for them to give into the passion that was building between them as they 'battled' one another. I enjoy love stories, but more than romance stories, I enjoy romantic stories that have adventure, mystery, and suspense throughout as well. This story did not disappoint me in that it had elements of all the fore-mentioned aspects that I enjoy about any story as a whole.
This author is talented, smart, and creative as she penned out the story. I loved seeing the land in my mind as she described the scenery. I look forward to reading more from Jacqueline. (5-Stars)


Review by: Su Yin Tan on Dec. 30, 2011 :
Wilderness Heart, by Jacqueline Hopkins, is a gentle romance, teasing the reader with twists and turns of the heart.

Lyn Taylor, an attractive hunting guide makes a living in a man’s world, escorting tourists through the wilderness on Idaho mountains to hunt elk. She keeps a stoic front in the face of sexual discrimination every time a new group first discovers their guide is a female. On one such expedition, the younger son of a lumber mill owner, Nic Randall, is explicit in his prejudice to the point that it rattles her. Their obvious irritation with each other is complicated by strong mutual attraction, throwing them off course until things finally work themselves out.

As a first book, Wilderness Heart is still a little rough around the edges, with some repetition and stilted dialogue. But the romance element comes through very strongly, and stayed true to its genre with a devilishly handsome male to keep both the heroine - and this reader - happily occupied.  
(reviewed long after purchase)  (4-stars)

Juliana Mantooth said December 30, 2011: 
A Gentle Romance -
Wilderness Heart, by Jacqueline Hopkins, is a gentle romance, teasing the reader with twists and turns of the heart.

Lyn Taylor, an attractive hunting guide makes a living in a man's world, escorting tourists through the wilderness on Idaho mountains to hunt elk. She keeps a stoic front in the face of sexual discrimination every time a new group first discovers their guide is a female. On one such expedition, the younger son of a lumber mill owner, Nic Randall, is explicit in his prejudice to the point that it rattles her. Their obvious irritation with each other is complicated by strong mutual attraction, throwing them off course until things finally work themselves out.

As a first book, Wilderness Heart is still a little rough around the edges, with some repetition and stilted dialogue. But the romance element comes through strongly, and stayed true to its genre with a devilishly handsome male to keep both the heroine - and this reader -happily occupied. (4-Stars)


BoekiesBookReviews said November 29, 2011

Hot & Steamy -
Who doesn't like a little romance mixed with the mountain wilderness? I found this contemporary romance a refreshing, quick and steamy read. The intimate scenes within the book were hot yet tasteful. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the setting was perfect. Hopkins really knows what shes writing about. Her characters were not only deep but interesting. The story line is unique and easy to get wrapped up in. She is extremely detailed in her writing. It's easy to imagine yourself in Lyn's place. I look forward to reading more from her. Keep up the steamy writing. (5-Stars)


F. Murrell said November 20, 2011:
Mountain Romance -
Lyn is a trail guide at her father's company. She takes hunting groups out into the woods and helps them bring home elk, bear, etc. Almost every trip she deals with male egos who don't want to admit that a female can be a good guide or hunter.
On her next trip she meets the most frustrating man to date. Nic's good looking and sets her heart racing, but he can't stand the sight of a female on a hunting trip. But his money can't be refunded and he's not really there to hunt anyway. So he grimaces and begins the hunt.
Lyn and Nic clash almost the entire time, but soon the sparks are more of the relationship type instead of the fighting type. Lyn feels that Nic wants to change who she is as a person and this causes conflict. It doesn't help when she finds out that he's lied to her about who he is and why he's on this hunt.

I liked reading this book for the most part. The pluses for the story - The story line was unique. the story moved quickly and the characters were interesting. The facts about the Idaho mountains made them come alive in my mind. The negatives - There were quite a few grammar and spelling issues and the dialogue between the characters seemed very stiff and forced at times. Somehow this made the story feel choppy. I also didn't care for the details during the sex scenes. It seemed a bit over the top.
In summery I liked the book, but I didn't love it. For a first book I think she did a great job. I will probably read another book by this author in hopes that her skills grow as she writes more.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. (3-Stars)

Beshon said August 18, 2011:
A Mountain Romance -
This is a romance set in the beautiful Idaho mountains.

Lyn is an attractive wilderness hunting guide in the Idaho lumber region where she has lived all her life. She has to battle against male dominance of this job and discrimination against her gender for the ability to do the job just as well as a man. On one particular expedition, this opinion is heartily voiced by Nic, an attractive, well-honed, thirty-something male. He, however, is using the hunt to disguise his reconnaissance of the area as, unbeknown to Lyn, his father owns a lumber mill company that wishes to make a bid on the land for its timber. Lyn has a deep-seated hatred for such companies as she can see no further than their defacement of the stunning place in which she grew up and believes their lumbering methods were responsible for a tragic accident that befell her grandfather.

Seven days in each other's company in the wilderness gives them challenges above those provided by having to survive the harsh outdoors. The attraction between Lyn and Nic is magnetic and intense, but they each have to overcome their prejudices: Lyn against the lumber companies, Nic against women who hunt guide (and cuss and smoke).

This book has all the ingredients of a hot romance: a good-looking, droolworthy male, a feisty female with mesmerising eyes, lust, desire that just has to be given in to and love. The relationship between Lyn and Nic moves along quite quickly and the HEA ending is predictable, but there are a few humps in the road, so you are thrown off kilter just a little. The dramatic Idaho wilderness is the perfect backdrop, wonderfully portrayed by Jacqueline - I could almost feel the crisp, crunchy snow beneath my feet and feel the cold, fresh and exhilarating air. (4-Stars)


Carole Bellacera said August 15, 2011:
Fast-Paced Romance in the Rugged Idaho Outback -
If you like a good romance, you'll love WILDERNESS HEART. This book takes you on a fast-paced, romantic ride in the rugged setting of the Idaho wilderness. The characters come to vivid life with the strong heroine of Lyn who meets her match in Nic, a sexy lumberman from Montana. Sultry and steamy, and guaranteed to keep you turning the pages. This is a romance you'll really be able to sink your teeth into. It will leave you wanting more from this talented author--Jacqueline Hopkins. (5-Stars)


RW Bennett said August 21, 2011:
Contemporary Romance Set in the Wilderness -
Fans of contemporary romance will enjoy "Wilderness Heart" by Jacqueline Hopkins. When Lyn Taylor, operator and guide for an outfitting service in the Idaho wilderness meets chauvinistic client Nic Randall for an elk hunt guided by Ms Taylor, sparks inevitably fly despite the obvious physical attraction the pair have for each other. But Lyn is already engaged to domineering fiancé Brad, so the chemistry between her and Nic must be ignored. Right? Right?? Nic also has hired Lyn under false pretenses so of course he can't be trusted, can he?

I was drawn to this story. Some forty years ago my late father and some of his friends embarked on an elk hunt in this exact area. Dad told the story of how ruggedly beautiful the country is, and the kind of hardships they endured on their hunt (inclement weather, poor choice of footwear - they wore cowboy boots rather than hiking boots). He also told about the colorful outfitter and guide who eventually helped my father bag a bull elk.

Jacqueline Hopkins captures all this nicely and deserves a chance to be read. You won't be disappointed. (5-Stars)


Conchie Fernandez said May 26, 2011:
Fantastic Read!
"Some love affairs go through periods of misunderstanding and strife, and some flow with amazing ease. The main characters in Jacqueline Hopkins' debut novel, "Wilderness Heart", trek through the frozen mountains of Idaho County, finding heartbreak, passion and hope along their way. Lyn Taylor is a ferociously independent hunting guide, an oddity in a world of men, elk and guns. She's loyal and steadfast, which probably keeps her engaged to a man she clearly doesn't love. Lyn is a noble character, quietly mouring her mother's death a few years earlier, and making sure she keeps her father's business afloat while he, too, deals with his loss.

Jacqueline Hopkins knows the world where she's placed her characters. Her descriptions of the smells of coffee, forests and horses in the cold dawns of Nez Perce National Forest are crisp and believable; I was transported to a world I knew little about until I read this book. Lyn's love for her mountains and animals, the expert ease with which she traipses through the crevices of the National Forest feel real. I clearly shared her shock when she was faced with her most challenging customer ever: a handsome stranger named Nic Randall.

Ms. Hopkins has written a story that initially reads like a romance, but has a mystery/thriller brewing underneath the passionate exchanges between the main characters. No one is quite whom they seem to be, and no feelings are thoroughly disclosed until the very end. Readers are compelled to turn the pages to unveil who Nic really is, what his motives are, and how much of a rival he might be to Brad, Lyn's elusive fiance. "Wilderness Heart" pits the main characters against danger and deception, but unerneath the plot is a wonderfully beating heart.

Kudos to Ms. Hopkins for creating appealing, interesting characters and offering us the beautiful backdrop of the mountains and forests she describes so elegantly." (5-Stars)


Review by: Shanna Clemens on May 21, 2011:
This book was definately a good read! I could relate so easily to the characters and imaging myself in their place was so effortless.  Being a country girl myself might have helped but I don't think it's necessary to enjoy this book. It had such a great balance of obstacles and romance, such strong characters, and an original storyline. And here I thought a great pair of shoes was the best thing you could pull out of storage. It might be a little rough around the edges, but with a little polishing this one could shine. (5-stars)


Sherrie Mitchell said April 25, 2011:
Very Good Read!
"This is a wonderful book, set in an interesting location. Vivid descriptions give the reader a sense of being right there. The dialog is believable and moves the story along. Many plot twists kept this reader reading long into the night. The main characters were much like some real people O know, and I really enjoyed the witty dialog they exchanged. The secondary characters were integral to the story and were quite likable as well. All in all a fun read. Looking to much more from this talented author!" (4-Stars)


Laila said April 21, 2011:
Great Book Highly Recommended -
"I just got done reading this book and i could not put it down. I love that Wilderness Heart was so realistic. I love the characters! Their personalities actually remind me of some people i know. Excellent first book and i can't wait to read more from this author. I highly recommend this book to everyone please read it! Well done jacque i can't wait for more!" (5-Stars)


L. Sand said April 13, 2011:
A Lively Tale -
"Jacqueline Hopkins' first romance is a lively tale about the world of wilderness outfitters. Lyn Taylor is an Idaho outfitter who struggles with being a woman in a man's world where many men don't want a woman on their hunting trip, let alone having one guide them. Lyn also has problems with the men in her private life, even her father, wanting to change her into someone more ladylike (they don't like her swearing and smoking). Can she find true love with a man who will accept her for who she is, or will she have to change? If you enjoy strong, independent women in rugged settings, you'll enjoy Wilderness Heart." (3-Stars)


Alexis_552 said March 27, 2011:
"this book is really great. i read it in 2 days. it felt like i was there and a part of it. it draws you in and makes you want to read more. i cant wait for another book! this is not the typical, sappy love story, which is great" (4-Stars)


Sunnyday said March 5, 2011:
A 4-Star Read!
"Having lived in Idaho and knowing of the places mentioned in this book, made the story seem to be based on non-fiction rather than fiction. It is a story that makes you want to keep reading to see what happens to the main characters--you think you know what is going to happen, but then, situations change and you begin to wonder if the story is taking a different turn. I also had to keep reading to see if anything about the characters was based on anyone I may have known---and yes---I renewed memories of two people I knew well!
The author does well in bringing her characters to life and keeping the reader's attention. For a first book, I give it 4-Stars!"


Avery Scott said March 4, 2011:
"I loved this book. The charactors were so real, you just wanted to climb in to the pages and live their lives. i dont usualy like boks set in the 70s, i think people dont catch the real feeling of the era, but this book nailed it. definetly read! definetly Love!" (4-Stars)


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dotsdolls66 said on April 29, 2011
"If you like the mountains you will like this book.This book has both fiction and facts. It was a refreshing book giving both the reality of the wilderness and enough fiction to make it a good book..I really enjoyed it and have read it twice...Love it Jacqueline keep up the good work." (5-Stars)