Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hemlock Lake by Carolyn J Rose Lake
My rating: <a href="">3 of 5 stars

I rather liked this book of a man who goes back to his home town as a police officer to make sure nothing happens on a new construction site, where a lot of bad things keep happening.  Is it the local towns people who don't want the new subdivision there or someone else.  When he comes back home to his old home, he has to face that some of the people who still live there don't like him because he left in the first place.  He also has to fight his own demons:  that of the death of his wife and brother and what really happened the night they died.
I like this book although it is written in the first person singular, which is sometimes hard for me to follow, but this was well written.  As an author myself, I have considered writing a book in the first person singular, but have not done it yet.

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