Friday, February 11, 2011

Self-Publishing and Promotion

Boy, once you get a book published by self-publishing it on Amazon, you really need to do a lot of self-promotion.

I have been really busy since my book, Wilderness Heart, has come out on's kindle book list on February 8, 2011.  I have been researching how I can market it on other ereaders and have joined some author forums as well as some book review web sites, such as, joined author forum, working on this blog, and researching and downloading all sorts of programs for the writer to use to help me publish the next book....if and when I get started/finished with it.  I have to say there are a lot of great people/authors out there willing to help new authors such as myself with formatting, cover suggestions, how the kindle process works, etc.

I had really great news when I woke up this morning and logged onto facebook.  One of my father's twin sisters left me a message that she purchased my book that morning.  I asked her if she had purchased a Kindle to read it and she said no, she downloaded the Kindle for PC program so she could read my book.  I had forgotten about that.  So if people want to read books and don't have a kindle reader, they can do what my aunt did.  I also reminded a friend who said she had a Nookbook that she too could download the Kindle for PC and read my book on her computer that way.  I told my aunt she could be the first one to review my book if she liked it on Amazon.  Totally awesome.

This is actually an exciting process and fun.

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