Saturday, February 5, 2011

Formatting and cover problems for my book

Still working on getting my book published to so it can be sold/downloaded to a Kindle reader or any other kind of electronic reader one might have.

There is now the formatting part of the book and there are so many programs and advice on what or how to do it.  I found someone willing to help me for free to format it correctly for uploading to after, of course, I have a cover and description of the book.

So that is the big problem I am facing now.  The cover.  I am not an artist.  Don't have an artistic bone in my body when it comes to drawing, painting or even scribbling, lol.  So, I am hoping to get a friend, who is better at Paint Shop Pro than myself, to help me put a few photos together to show what the book is about.  We are hoping tonight we can put something together.

But what was really cool about yesterday, was that the person I found to format the book for me, sent back a copy that I was able to download to my Kindle and low and behold there is my entire book with a Table of Contents, Title and acknowledgements.  It was really cool to see it on there.  So after it is completely formatted and sent back to me, I can down load it to mom's Kindle I bought for her birthday and surprise her with a dozen books to read as well as MINE!!!

I am excited.

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  1. Oh Jackie!! How exciting this is and what a wonderful gift for your mom!! So proud of you!! Yay...good job!