Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to my routine...

Well it is the day after Valentine's Day and my husband ended up going back to work on Tuesday. We decided in order to pay our bills, he needed to go back to work. It is always hard waiting for him to come see me on his vacation days off, which are suppose to be two weeks after working four weeks, but because he is the only mechanic in the shop where he works, he only gets to come see me about every two to three months for seven days. But he got a raise when he got back so we are hopping the next time he comes to visit in May it will be for longer than his usual stay.

So now I am getting back into my daily routine which goes something like this:

5am to 6am - Mom or I wake up and push the button on the coffee pot. I make the pot the night before or she bugs me to make it and asks why I didn't. She likes to think she gets up before me all the time so she can just push the button, but 95% of the time, I am up before her so I could make the coffee in the morning. I never learned this about my mother before while growing up, but now that I live with her again and am older myself, I see that she is an OCD person. I now know where my brother got it from.

6am to 800am - We watch mom's game shows on the Game Show Network (GSN). First up is Match Game, then Card Sharks, then Press Your Luck, which mom doesn't mind telling you she "hates that stupid game" several times a comes on later called Whammy, so she still 'hates that stupid game'. But if there is nothing else on TV she likes to watch, she will watch it. While mom is watching her game shows, I use my Kindle Fire to get online and check my email...this is where I can get in my reading time, catching up on the blogs I subscribe to like Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds, Indies Unlimited, The Writer's Forensic Blog, The Crime Fiction Collective blog, Forensics 4 Fiction blog, and lots of other blogs from writers who hang out on the Indies Unlimited blog. I also check to see what happened on Facebook during the night.

8am to 10am - I get on my treadmill desk and walk some, practicing typing while walking. That's something you should see, though I am getting better at keeping my balance because the only thing you have to hang on to is the keyboard's keys. I normally type about 70wpm, but it would be interesting to see how fast I can type while walking. My mother is watching more of her game shows: Super Password, Jeopardy, 10k, 25, and 100,000 Dollar Pyramid, which she asks about 9am if there is something else to watch because she gets tired on that show.

I try to walk for about 45 minutes each time I get on the treadmill (about 2-3 times a day). I also play a few games on facebook if I have ran out of things to read and I don't particularly want to try to type anything of a serious nature, like answer emails or write a blog post or answer someone on Facebook. Though I have been know to try, I usually end up stopping/pausing so I can be serious for a few minutes. 

10am to 12noon - I do several different things during this time while mom is usually taking a nap, falling asleep to her NCIS, CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Criminal Minds, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order Special Victims Unit or Law and Order shows, depending on what day it is.

I am usually taking a shower to run errands for mom, cleaning the house, starting laundry, figuring out what I can work on of my many writing projects, or reading on my Kindle Fire.

12noon - It's lunch time for mom and since she won't wear her top dentures, there isn't too many things I can fix her. It is usually a sandwich of peanut butter and jelly, or a meat sandwich, chicken noodle soup (which she says she is getting tired of but hasn't eaten in a while), scrambled eggs, left overs from the night before, which she isn't thrilled about eating either, but since she only eats a very small amount, there are usually leftovers and I am trying to lose weight here...the reason for the treadmill desk system.

1230pm to 5pm - more of her favorite shows -- see 10am to noon above. I have seen all of them over and over and over again, I could almost recite word for word or tell you what is going to happen in each episode. Mom of course, will say she has seen it before, but watches it anyway because she 'hates watching movies'. Yes, I do have a small TV in my bedroom and occasionally I will go watch something, but then mom asks why. I say it is because I am tired of watching her shows and I want to watch some mindless comedy like The Big Bang Theory. I also like to watch the QVC channel to see what I can't afford to buy but think I need anyway.

I may have taken a shower earlier in the day so I can go somewhere after lunch to get out of the house. Mom is ok to be left alone for about 3 hours or so, but I always have to be home by 5pm to fix her something to eat. If I am not hope, she can make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I use this time to either take a nap myself (mom takes another nap from about 130pm to 3pm) or write or walk or read some more on my kindle. You'd be surprised how tiring it makes you to just sit around all the time, day after day. It literally makes you more tired.

5pm to 9pm - Mom is still watching her favorite shows, but at 7pm we change the channel to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. At 8pm it is back to watching her shows. At 9pm we go to bed.

So that is my day now that I am an in-home care provider for my mother while my husband works to pay not only his bills, but all of mine debt too. 

So what is your daily writing routine like? More exciting than mine?

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